United States Tower Services

United States Tower Services, Ltd. (USTS) , established in 1971, is a privately owned small business founded in Montgomery County, Maryland. The company's business base covers the sale, installation, construction, maintenance, service and support of communications towers and related facilities. Services range from specific tower related requirements to full turn key systems including heavy broadcast, microwave, commercial two way and wireless structures used by commercial TV and radio (FM/AM) broadcasters, government (Federal, State & Local) and commercial two-way radio users and the rapidly growing wireless telecommunications industry. In 1986, USTS relocated and currently operates from its headquarters located in Frederick, Maryland. At present USTS employes over 40 people. Today and over its lengthy business history, USTS has performed work for many U. S. Federal Government departments and agencies. At present USTS is under contract for inspections, repair and maintenance services nationally to both the Department of Transportation (FAA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). USTS is a preferred third party organization by Andrew Corporation as a qualified HF antenna erection contractor for all of Andrew/Granger HF antenna products. In addition, USTS is a factory certified organization for the installation of transmission lines, waveguide and connectors by both Andrew and Cellwave (Radio Frequency Systems). It is worthwhile to mention, that over the entire business history of USTS, this organization has never defaulted on any of its awarded contracts. USTS enjoys the reputation of stepping in at the request of an end user or competing tower contractor, to complete a project when a competing tower company has failed to live up to contractual requirements in work awarded to them.

Competitors often sub-contract to USTS if the difficulty of work is beyond their capabilities. USTS is an early supporting member of the National Association of Tower Erector (NATE). NATE is a non-profit trade association, which provides members with uniform safety standards, improved communications, and a unified voice to help shape the future of the tower industry. Employees of USTS have also served as national office holders supporting NATE and USTS has been instrumental in development of safety standards and securing their adoption by both industry and OSHA.

These projects reflect our experience in the installation of antenna and tower systems in high-power RF environments. USTS believes these completed projects demonstrate the ability USTS has to meet a high level of effort required by our customers. Most of the projects listed below exceeded $100,000 and several were in the $500,000 to person suspended$900,000 range

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